12 Christmas Treats Your Pet Totally Deserves

Naughty or nice, your furry best friend gets the number one spot on your holiday list. With that said, one question arises: What gift do you give to your #1!?  If you’re feeling overwhelmed, pass this task to us. 

Below, the 12 best gifts for pets. Sneak in a belly rub when you present your gift to score bonus points! 

Holiday bandana

If your family takes holiday photos seriously, a festive bandana for your furry family member should sit at the top of your shopping list. Plus, it will keep your pet perfectly toasty while you take more shots. 


There’s no better gift than one your pet can use right away. A new blanket can also save your clothes from getting all chewed up. Win-win! 


Pet bed 

There’s a Bow House bed for every home decor—find yours among a sea of options. Not only will your pet’s bed complement your space, it will also be a cozy place for your pet to settle in while the whole family gathers for movie night. 

Cat scratcher

Sure, the holidays are a time to relax and laze around. But we bet you can tempt your lazy cat into a bit of daytime fun with a cat scratcher. Pro tip: bring it out to keep your cat entertained while you go over your holiday prep checklist before the guests arrive. 

Custom pet portrait

Make your pet the star of the season by displaying a painting or artwork of your pet’s face on the wall. Studio Giuliano makes charming pet portraits that you would proudly show off. Their account also has satisfying time-lapses of their process!

Pet bowl

‘Tis the season to eat, drink, and be merry. Treat your pet to an elevated dish to make eating and drinking more comfortable this season. 


For the pooch you’ve spoiled all year round, an exciting new treat—such as Playful Tail’s carrot & apple soft cookies, Canine Chow’s homemade dog food toppers and dehydrated treats, Puppy Cake’s cake mix for dogs, or Hoggin’ Dogs’ ice cream—is sure to perk up your dog’s interest this season. Save some treats for when you’re sitting down for Christmas dinner and your dog is begging for a nibble. 

Name tag, collar, and leash 

This leather set of name tag, collar, and leash by Pawdel are labeled as “wearable pieces of love” and rightly so! They come in gorgeous colorways like merlot (tan/maroon), taffy (lilac/salmon pink), and loden (vintage brown/green) that will make walking the dog a suave affair. 

Bath set

Share your love of luxurious bath products with your pet. Featuring products from our Neem Pet Care and Indulge Line, our gift boxes will make your pet a self-care believer by the end of the year. Choose from our eight different gift sets

Travel pet bowl

Going full festive mode means always having a pet bowl with you, no matter the occasion. Tuck a collapsible silicone bowl into your purse the next time you go out: it’s compact and lightweight for convenient snacking on the go. 

Leave-on rinse

Does your pet have a playdate coming up? Gift your pet with our  leave-on rinse. It freshens up the coat, soothes hot spots and wounds, and keeps bugs away using all-natural ingredients such as neem extract, aloe vera, and lavender. You might as well bring it along because it doubles as a handy sanitizer for you. 

Cat water fountain

Ensure your cat stays hydrated with a water fountain. Water fountains mimic running bodies of water, which appeals to your cat’s senses more than the boring water bowl sitting in the corner. Sometimes your cat just needs a little incentive to drink up. 

It can be a challenge to shop for a pet (after all, it’s impossible to get their wishlist) but the great thing about giving your pet a holiday gift is that they’re generally easy to please. It’s a treat in itself to watch them sniff out the gift you picked out for them! 


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