5 Pet-Friendly Summer Activities For You and Your Pets

We’re starting to feel the warm weather, and that means it’s time to think of activities that will help your pets beat the heat! With a few objects you can find at home and a little creativity, you can make the warm days fun and memorable for you and your pets. Here are some pawsome activities you can try this season!

Make summer treats

What better way to shake off the heat than with frozen treats? With just a few ingredients you can find at home, you can make yummy summer treats to help your fur baby stay cool in the heat. Whip together some pupsicles, peanut butter or even doggy ice cream that your pets will surely love! 

Play in the kiddie pool

Going to the beach for a swim may not be advisable due to the pandemic, but you can still treat your pet to a dip in the pool! The summer season is the perfect time to take out your kiddie pool and allow your dog to splash around. Finish off your pool party with a baff time using our Neem Shampoo to moisturize and deodorize the fur after staying in the sun. 


Make a backyard waterpark 

Aside from setting up a kiddie pool, you can make an at-home waterpark for your pets for some added action and fun. Turn on your water sprinklers or hose and set up a dog tunnel, hula hoops, and poles where your pets can slide and leap over. Make sure they stay fresh by spraying the Neem Leave-On Rinse before playtime! 

Have a picnic in uncrowded parks 

Know any nearby parks where you can take your dog for a quick bonding time? Take advantage of those uncrowded parks where you can walk your pets and enjoy the shade while having a good meal. Don’t forget to pack their favorite chews and treats and bring lots of water to keep them cool throughout. 

Go on a road trip

If you are trying to avoid crowds but want to take your pet out for some fresh air, going on a road trip with your pets can be the answer. This activity is a great way to bond with your pets while letting them see more of the world around them. Don’t forget to bring some treats and water to keep your fur babies full and hydrated!

P.S. If your place is under GCQ and it’s too risky to go out, you can just do the activities that can be enjoyed at home. It’s better to keep you, your pets, and other hoomans safe always! ❤️

We hope you have lots of fun with your fur babies this coming summer! 

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