Celebrate the PAW-lidays with Your Fur Babies Safely

5 days until Christmas! Celebrations may look different this year, but we can still make Christmas a fun and memorable occasion for our furry friends. Here’s how some of our Petpreneurs and their hoomans will be spending their Christmas safely this year! 

Visiting uncrowded places

Feeling the festivities on Christmas by going out may not be an option this year, so our Petpreneur from Taguig, Bumble Bee, can only visit less crowded places to celebrate the holidays. His fur parent is willing to scout for places where Bee can feel the festive spirit of the season with extra protection and precautions in mind. “That means Bee’s bag will always have to have sanitizers!  The Neem Leave-On Rinse is a must, must, must!!!” 

Taking photos in holiday outfits

Who says only hoomans can wear ugly sweaters on Christmas? Our fur babies can, too, and we’re sure they would still look so cute! While they’re wearing their best Christmas costumes, take lots of photos of them so you have something to look back on. Chachi the Poodle, our Petpreneur from Laguna, has got her costumes ready and her fur parent is ready to be her official photographer on Christmas!

Sharing holiday treats

Celebrating Christmas is best when there’s lots of food! Let your fur babies join your festivities at home and bake their favorite holiday treats. If you can't find time making treats for them yourself, sharing what you have on the dinner table is also fine as long as you know what’s good for them and what’s a no-no! 

Save the chocolates and chicken with bones for yourself because these treats are not good for your fur babies. You can still make them happy during your Christmas dinner by sharing food such as cheese, chicken without bones, banana, apples, squash, and even white rice. 

Unwrapping Christmas gifts

Christmas wouldn’t be complete without exchanging gifts. Admit it, your fur babies always make it to your “nice” list even though they get really naughty at times. They deserve to get a special gift for all the love they give all year round!

Our Petpreneurs and their hoomans have their own set of wishes for Christmas. For Bumble Bee, our Neem Leave-On Rinse is a must. A pet hair dryer would be a nice and useful gift for Jarvis and his fur parent. Chachi would love to unwrap a Fetch! Petpreneur-exclusive bandana on Christmas. 

How about you and your fur baby? What’s on your wishlist this year? We hope you have a fun, safe, and memorable pawlidays!

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