Dog Shampoo for My Hair? Sounds About Right!

Hi there. I'm George, a Harry Potter fan, dog lover, and the founder of Fetch! I also have a confession to make.


I use dog shampoo for my hair.

Dog Shampoo & Natural Bathroom Products
Crazy right? I mean, who goes to the grocery to buy dog shampoo for themselves? With all the options in the market, if it's really good, can human and pet use the same product?

Before I tell you how it was for me to use dog shampoo, let me tell you a little bit about Fetch!

When we started our flagship line, the goal was simple: create something that can truly produce results without harming the Earth.
First, we focused on Neem after learning how effective it is as a cleansing, soothing, and bug repelling agent. Plus, Neem Extract is non-toxic and biodegradable- which fit the goal.

We also chose to use pure plant extracts, as these do not undergo any high temperatures or chemicals to be able to use the plant while preserving its properties. We also decided that every product should be formulated to human standards.

We also didn't want to make claims without proof, so we sent our products to FDA and DOST to verify that Fetch! is truly natural, but also, truly effective. This is why Fetch! Naturals is proud to say it is an FDA Registered and DOST tested brand.

So, back to my hair and how I got started on dog shampoo. I travel a lot for work and whenever I get off the plane, due to the change of weather, my scalp becomes itchy and I always suffer from falling hair. It takes weeks for it to normalize and when it does, it's time to fly again.

Fetch! has received amazing feedback from various people, from veterinarians to new pet-parents. They said that the fur was more manageable, fewer hotspots, flakes, and itchiness, and dogs smell fresh for a longer time. Heck, my dog's fur looks great compared to my hair. So why not try it myself? I was part of the creation process so I know every ingredient that's in the bottle, and if it wasn't good, we wouldn't have passed the FDA standards.

So I did.

And from this flat mop:



To this:


So much hair

After continuous use, the falling hair and itchiness subsided. Instead of waiting for weeks for my scalp to normalize after travel, I just need a day or two and I'm ready to go. The shampoo also seemed to add more volume and make my hair look...fluffy?

In fact, we can also proudly say that we are cruelty-free. We don't test on animals but on humans- specifically me.

And I'm not alone! After casually sharing to friends and family that I *secretly* use Fetch! some have tried and are happy with the results.



Reem & Mia use the same shampoo!

Fetch! Shampoo Review

Fetch! Shampoo Review

Now, I'm not saying that you should switch to dog shampoo. If you are happy with what you are using, then kudos for finding the right shampoo for you! But if you are feeling adventurous or have been struggling with certain issues, why not take a leap of faith? You might just be surprised on how good (or Fetch!? Mean Girls reference, anyone?) dog shampoo can be for your hair.

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