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Our dogs and cats are truly the best. They’re there for us during our highs and lows and are unbreakingly loyal. With that, it’s only right that our furbabies also get gifts under the tree. Whether you’re getting something for your whole pack, for a new fur member in the family, or even just a pet lover in your life, here is a roundup of the best gifts to give this holiday season.

From delicious snacks to fashionable accessories, this comprehensive list will keep your four-legged best friend happy for the whole year!

For the Proudly Pinoy: Fetch! Naturals
Fetch x Bayo Bath Bars in Sampaguita, Lato, and Guava
Known for using local produce like neem and jicama (singkamas) in their products, Fetch! Naturals has everything you need to keep all members of the family clean and protected—naturally! They carry a wide range of products, from lick-safe dish soap to fragrance-free urine removers. However, consider their gift set containing Bath Bars from the Fetch x Bayo line for the ultimate present.

These bath bars use quintessential Pinoy ingredients you may have heard of, such as sampaguita, lato (seaweed), and guava. Not only are they super creamy and moisturising, but they smell great too. Like all Fetch! Products, these bars are formulated to human standards and are pH-balanced for furry friends as well.

For the Home Buddy: BowHouse
Bowhouse Dome Home
BowHouse stands out not only because they are a local brand but also because it makes barkitecthure that’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing. They don’t look like your typical dog crate; rather, they are beautifully designed to blend in with the current design of your space. Plus, the covers are removable and machine washable, so you can mix and match depending on the season. My personal favourite is the Dome Home. It looks like a fancy bed for your pet while providing enough cover to give your furbaby some privacy.

For the Forever Hosts: Ollie Bowls
Ollie Bowls Disco Bowl
Why get a regular bowl when you can get a beautiful one that’s also double-wall stainless steel to keep your pet’s water cooler longer? These hefty bowls are not only durable, they’re customisable too so you can put your pet’s name and likeness on it. I recommend the Discobowls collection because all pets need a bit more sparkle in their life.

For the Foodie: Bonapetreat
Bonapetreat Dehydrated Treats Gingerbread House
We love feeding our pets treats. Nothing beats seeing their excited faces when you show them what surprise you have in your hand. Bonapetreat has been creating healthy treats and chews for pets since 2017, but they made something extra special for the holiday season: gingerbread houses for dogs! How adorable is that? Perfect so your pet can celebrate Noche Buena with you!

For the Fashionista: Zee Dog
ZeeDog Harness
Say goodbye to boring old harnesses and leashes; say hello to Zee Dog instead. This USA-based company not only offers the ultimate comfort for your dog, but they also come in the most beautiful designs. Practical and stylish! They also offer a wide selection from no-pull harnesses to hands-free leashes. This Christmas, consider their FlyHarness; it’ll definitely make your pet stand out.

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