Is Your Resolution Checklist Complete?

Creating resolutions is a common New Year’s tradition that a lot of people do. Making healthier choices often sits at the top of the list, with keeping the home clean a close second. These two resolutions can actually go hand-in-hand especially when it comes to choosing cleaning products to use. While it’s not a resolution that’s as obvious as eating more vegetables or exercising more
consistently, purchasing safer, non-toxic cleaning products can also go a long way for your health and the health of those around you.

Oftentimes, people don’t put much thought into what cleaning products they buy—as long as it gets the job done, then it should be fine. However, studies have shown that while common cleaning
products keep our homes spotless and clean, many of these contain harmful ingredients such as ammonia, phenol, and bleach. These harsh ingredients can not only cause irritation and discomfort especially if you have sensitive skin, but can also leave long-lasting effects on one’s health too. This risk is even higher for those with babies at home, both humans and those with fur, as children and pets are naturally curious. They have the tendency to touch, sniff, and lick things around them, and using harmful cleaning products may potentially be life-threatening for them.

A good step one to making the switch to safer alternatives is looking out for products that are made of natural ingredients such as Neem. Neem is a common tree from India whose various parts can be used in many different, beneficial ways—similar to the Coconut! More than being a natural ingredient, Neem has also been found to be an effective cleanser and disinfectant due to its
antimicrobial effects. On top of this, it is also a non-toxic insect repellent for both humans and plants alike!

Our line of disinfectants and insecticides has several Neem options for you to select from for your various household chores and daily to-dos:

1. For Washing the Dishes. Our antibacterial Neem Natural Liquid Dish Soap is a safe, yet effective cleaning product that can even be used for both baby bottles and furbaby bowls!
2. For Washing Your Hands. For older humans, our Neem Natural Liquid Hand Soap is a gentle hand soap that’s available in nostalgic Nenuco scented and unscented versions.
3. For All-Around Cleaning. Our Neem House Cleaner, Deodorizer & Bug Repellant is an all-around super cleaner that can kill nasty bacteria, remove bad odors, and keep the bugs away without the strong scent of insecticide.
4. For Keeping Gardens Pest-Free. A plantita and plantito’s best friend, our Natural Multipurpose Institutional Pet Cleaner with Bioneem keeps your plants safe and controls bugs in gardens and
areas susceptible to infestation.

Looking for more cleaning product alternatives? Here are some other local products that hit the mark!

1. For Fresh and Clean Laundry. Victoria Laundry Detergent is a coconut-based, herbal laundry detergent gentle for sensitive fabrics and skin.
2. For Potty-Training Assistance. Furry friends caused a potty accident? Our Natural Persimmon Pet Urine & Odor Eliminator can help save the day by removing, not masking the source of pee
and poop stink!
3. For a Relaxing Space to Unwind. Let Messy Bessy’s Room and Linen Spray calm you down after a long day with its relaxing lavender scent, all the while disinfecting your room and linens.
4. For a Squeaky Clean Bathroom. Full Circle’s Bathroom Cleaner with Citrus Burst removes dirt, hard water, and soap stains from your bathroom without the use of bleach or whiteners.

While sticking to one’s resolution to make healthier choices throughout the year may be a tricky and daunting task, choosing to switch to safer cleaning product alternatives is something you
can easily do now, especially as organic and natural products are becoming more accessible and affordable. They may be slightly pricier than what you’re used to, but they not only reduce your
carbon footprint and save the environment, but they are long-term investments for your household’s well-being and for a better, healthier 2023 too!

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