Keeping Your Pets Healthy and Happy the New Normal

Happy National Pet Wellness Month! This celebration is a great reminder of the importance of keeping our pets healthy by doing regular checkups, keeping them groomed and clean, and choosing the right food. Making these healthy choices for your pets may seem difficult these days, but we’re here to help you out! Here are some tips on how to keep your pets healthy and happy in the new normal:



Going to public places like grooming salons poses the risk of getting the coronavirus, but this doesn’t mean we can’t keep our pets well-groomed. Here’s a tip from Carina Sandiego, dog mom of Petpreneurs Daisy and Dolce: take advantage of at-home grooming service! “It is more convenient for me as a business owner because I can work while monitoring my pets’ safety,” Carina shares. 

Her dogs’ grooming takes place in their terrace or garden so they can practice social distancing. She always disinfects the tools and the whole area after the grooming session for safety.


Just like going to grooming salons, vet visits may be limited these days. Thanks to technology, contacting vets via text message or online messaging apps is an option when pet parents have questions regarding their pet’s condition. When urgent matters arise and going to the clinic is a must, Carina makes sure to clean her pets and disinfect their carriers once they get home. 



Keeping your pets clean is an important part of pet wellness. Using products that are natural and safe for pets is a great way to keep their skin and fur healthy. Daisy and Dolce use our Neem Leave-On Rinse before heading out to keep them safe from insects and ticks and to clean their paws and body after playtime. Their furry friends Tramp and River keep their beards and boots clean and stain-free with our Jicama Brightening Wash every night! 

Food & Supplements

Choosing the right food and supplements helps your pets avoid diseases. Carina’s tip is to “provide them with high-quality kibble and all-natural treats.” She also tries to be cautious when picking her dog’s food and treats. Her other dogs, Tramp and River, are Schnauzers that have very sensitive skin and stomachs, so she carefully chooses the food and treats that won’t cause these issues.

Supplements can also help improve the health of your fur babies! “I really noticed a great improvement in their skin, coat and general health after giving them supplements,” Carina says. One of her dogs’ supplements is Augustine Approved Superboost, which they take after every meal.

We hope you keep your fur babies healthy and happy this month and all year round! 

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