Know Your Shampoo: Common Ingredients in Pet Shampoos

Pet Shampoo Ingredients
You are about to have a new dog or cat and decided to go shopping for pet supplies. You go to the bath aisle and *bam* you are suddenly overwhelmed with all the choices, each one claiming to be natural and promising to give your pet amazing fur. So, which one will you choose?
Fret not, fellow pet-parent. We are here to help! We checked and found the most common natural ingredients used in pet shampoo and listed their benefits to help you decide what kind of shampoo is best for your furbaby.


NeemWhat is it: A tropical tree mostly found in India, Southeast Asia, and even in South America. Locally called “The Pharmacy Tree” due to the fact that every part of the plant has beneficial properties

Known for: Anti bacterial, anti inflammatory, and anti fungal properties that can heal most skin issues. Also known as a natural pesticide as it can kill most insects due to the fact it contains compounds that disrupts a bug’s mating and eating behaviours.

Perfect for: Extra sensitive fur babies who suffer from hotspots, mange, or other skin issues. Also great as an anti tick & flea product. Want to try it? Fetch offers Neem Natural Shampoo or Neem Leave - On Rinse!

Aloe Vera

Aloe VeraWhat is it: It’s a succulent plant found in most tropical and arid climates.

Known for: Its gel is quite known for its many medicinal purpose such as soothing sun burns, clearing acne, and addressing eczema.

Perfect for: Pets with dry, itchy skin. Also great as a natural way to moisturise fur!

Note: If you choose to apply fresh aloe vera, make sure it is just the gel and not the leaves as the leaves are very toxic to pets!


CoconutWhat is it: The coconut is a fruit from a tree of the palm family. Found in tropical climates, the coconut is quite multifunctional and can be used as a cooking or cosmetic ingredient.

Known for: The oil of the coconut is known to make fur shiny, strong, and less prone to damage because of the presence of lauric acid. It’s also known for its anti-microbial properties.

Perfect for: Pets who need to address fur loss, making fur smooth and shiny, and pets that have dry, itchy skin.

PS. All our shampoo bars have coconut oil which is why it's great during shedding season.

Tea Tree

Tea Tree OilWhat is it: Tea tree oil (aka melaleuca oil) is an essential oil derived from the leaves of a tea tree called Melaleuca alternifolia that’s common in Australia and New Zealand.

Known for: Antibacterial properties and anti tick & flea properties.

Perfect for: Pets who need help with a tick & flea problem or with a bacterial infection.

Note: Never apply pure tea tree oil on your pet. Tea tree oil is actually poisonous to pets and humans and is so strong that it can cause skin allergies. If you choose to purchase a shampoo, make sure the concentration is 1 percent or less.

Madre de Cacao

Madre de CacaoWhat is it: No, it’s not chocolate! Also known as Gliricidia Sepium or Kakawate in the Philippines, the Madre de Cacao is a tree found in tropical climates.

Known for: Being a very strong pesticide so it can kill ticks and fleas. It is also still being used as rat poison by farmers and those in rural areas.

Perfect for: Pets suffering from ticks & fleas

Note: This is a very powerful plant which is why it is being used as rat poison in provinces. With that, we recommend only purchasing shampoos with Madre de Cacao from brands that have been tested and certified to be safe for use.


OatmealWhat is it: Oatmeal is a type of course flour. Like the coconut, it’s quite useful as it can be a healthy meal or a healthy shampoo ingredient!

Known For: Soothing and moisturising even the most sensitive skins. Popular with those who have eczema.

Perfect for: Pets suffering from dry and itchy skin.


HoneyWhat is it: A sweet substance produced by honey bees!

Known for: A very good humectant to keep moisture in. Honey is also known to have anti bacterial properties and is a natural exfoliant. Also, it's a delicious and safe treat for your dogs in small quantities!

Perfect for: Pets with allergies, dry, itchy skin or need help exfoliating dead skin cells! Try our Fetch Neem Deep Cleansing Bar.

With that, hope our list of common ingredients helped you choose the best shampoo for your pet. As always, if you aren't sure- no harm with consulting a vet first.

Are there other ingredients you’d like to learn about? Let us know!

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