Meet Pampanga’s Official Petpreneur Yuna and Her Hooman Luis

Our Petpreneur Program is our way of reaching out to more fur babies while providing extra income to pet parents. This time, we’re putting the spotlight on one of our Petpreneurs Yuna and her hooman Luis from Pampanga. Get to know more about this duo as they share some tidbits about their journey and some tips for Petpreneurs and pet owners like them! 

The cute Golden Retriever Yuna is owned by Luis Manalili Jr. who used to work in the customer service industry for 15 years. One night in 2017, Luis drove to Baguio City after his shift to pick up his first Golden Retriever Yuna, and this doggo has given him love and joy ever since! Years later, Luis adopted more fur babies to join their family. Now Yuna enjoys traveling, swimming, and going to the beach with her friends, Yuan, Lucy, and Roma. 

A day in the life of Yuna and Luis

A typical day for Yuna is a cycle of eating, playing, and resting. The day starts by taking a walk outside, having breakfast, taking her morning supplements, and of course, cuddling with her hooman. When the clock hits 1:30 PM, Yuna, together with Yuan, Lucy, and Roma, eats her lunch, takes an afternoon siesta, and walks around the village for more playtime. When the sun has come down, Yuna takes her dinner and goes for another quick walk outside to relieve herself before calling it a day. This lucky doggo gets to sleep in bed beside her hooman! 

As a Petpreneur owner, Luis allots some time answering customer inquiries and posting on Facebook pages and groups. When the orders for the day have been confirmed, he books a rider to have the Fetch! goodies delivered to fur babies. When he has provincial deliveries, Luis has to line up at LBC as early as 6 AM. But other than this, his duties as a Petpreneur don’t really take much of his time. 

Pampanga’s official Petpreneur

Luis first heard about Fetch! in 2017 when he saw a friend using our product. “He gave us good reviews about not bathing frequently and that his dog Paolo does not have the doggy smell,” he shares. Luis got curious about the brand and reached out to Fetch! pack leader George, who happily answered his questions. 

Yuna’s fur dad gave Fetch! a try and started using our products on Yuna during her bath time. He saw the potential of the products, and coincidentally, he was managing a Facebook group—Golden Retriever Society—where he could offer Fetch! products to other pet parents like him. Yuna and more fur babies in Pampanga have been loving their baff time for three years now! “With Fetch, we only bathe them every 3-4 weeks, and they do not have that common doggy smell. This allows their natural oils to help in their fur growth. Having healthy skin and fur [that is free from ticks and fleas] makes them happy dogs,” Luis shares what they love about Fetch! products. 

Passion and love for pets

The Petpreneur Program has been a great help for Yuna and Luis. Through this program, Luis has extra income that he uses to buy the needs of Yuna, Yuan, Lucy, and Roma. They have also gained new friends along the way and introduced the program so they can help other pet parents to earn as well! After all, the importance of being a Petpreneur is having the passion to help other fur moms and dads and to give only the best to our fur babies. Yuna’s dad tells us, “It’s not just all about earning from the program, but ensuring our pets and their customer’s pets are getting the best products out there.”

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