Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Your Fur Baby

There’s no love like the love our pets have for us. They give us unconditional love every day, so celebrating Valentine’s Day with them is one of the ways we can give back. We listed some ways you can enjoy this special day of love with the best valentine!

Share a dinner for two

Valentine’s Day isn’t complete without sharing a dinner for two. This is the perfect time to prepare a meal that you can share with your pal or make some treats that they will love. Our Petpreneurs from Davao City, Daisy and Dolce, love frozen peanut butter cups, so their fur mom is planning to make some for them on Valentine’s Day. If you want to share this treat with your pet, here’s an easy peanut butter cups recipe from Daisy and Dolce’s fur mom!
What You’ll Need
Pet-Safe Peanut Butter
Frozen Treat Mold
Mix together the peanut butter and bananas in a bowl.
Transfer the mixture to a frozen treat mold.
Place in the freezer for 2 to 3 hours.
Add some sliced bananas for toppings.

Go on an adventure

What better way to celebrate with your pal than by going to the beach or the mountains? Daisy and Dolce love the outdoors, so this is going to be a great Valentine’s Day treat from their dog mom! Taking your pet on an adventure is an opportunity to strengthen your bond, meet new friends, and try out new activities you don’t usually do at home.

Surprise them with a box

If your four-legged friend can’t enjoy a box of chocolates, you can always give them a box of their favorite goodies. Give them the gift of fun baff time with their favorite shampoos or prepare a box of their most loved chews and treats. In case you missed it, we have curated gift sets featuring our best baff time essentials! Fur babies, you will love your hoomans even more with these gift boxes especially curated “fur you.” You can get a sweet discount when you use the code: "LOVE"


Share the love

Aside from your own pet, more fur babies are waiting for their one true love in animal shelters. Valentine’s Day is a great occasion to share the love with them by donating some of their needs or giving them your time. If you’re looking for a way to help out, you can share the love with our furry friends at Pawssion Project by donating through our website. Any amount can go a long way!
Valentine’s Day happens only once a year, but we hope you fill your pet’s life with love every day!

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