Watch Out for These Common Pet Problems During Summer

Extra warm days can cause health problems that pet parents should be aware of. Whether your fur baby is staying inside or going out more often to play during the warm season, make sure you are prepared to spot and treat these common problems. We’ve listed a few ones to watch out for and some simple steps to take to keep your fur baby safe! 



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Fur babies experience dehydration when there’s a shortage of water in the body. Some symptoms to watch out for are lethargy, dry skin and gums, sunken eyes, refusal to eat, and difficulty in breathing. When going out for walks or taking your pets on long car rides, make sure you always have lots of cool and clean water to hydrate them. Giving them frozen treats or ice cubes and letting them play in kiddie pools are also fun ways to keep your pups cool.

Hot spots

Hot spots are inflamed and infected areas of the skin. They may look like insect bites at first but may spread and develop into oozing and painful sores. These areas are triggered by scratching or licking, which makes the skin itchier. To prevent this cycle of itching and scratching, some causes you should watch out for are parasites, food allergies, ear or skin infections, stress or boredom, dirty coat, and moisture trapped in the coat. A little help from our Neem Shampoo or Shampoo Bar can also be a good way to prevent hot spots! These shampoos are good not just for healing skin but also for removing bacteria and getting rid of fleas and ticks that cause itching. 

Fleas and ticks

Fleas and ticks are the “primary rivals” of Appa, our Petpreneur from Dumaguete, and his furry friends during the warm season. In fact, according to their fur mom Simone, one of their pups fell ill a few weeks ago and their veterinarian said it could be tick-related! As their fur mom, she takes a few steps to avoid problems caused by these parasites. “We prevent tick-and-flea related problems by keeping our home clean, regularly inspecting our pets’ fur, utilizing anti-tick and other preventative products, and consulting with our vet,” Simone shared. 

If you’re also a fur parent who’s finding a solution for ticks and fleas, here’s an advice from Appa’s fur mom:

“For all pet owners who might be dealing with the same problem, find relief in the fact that Fetch! offers a wide variety of safe, tested, and effective products that utilize ingredients (like Neem) proven to combat ticks so that you and I can keep our fur-friends safe. ❤️❤️❤️”


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