Fetch! Baff and Glitz Gift Set

Fetch! Baff and Blitz Gift Box for Dogs and Cats

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Our Baff and Blitz Gift Box contains products that will make you want to explore! This gift set comes in a cute, eco-friendly box with compostable shredded packing paper inside to keep items secure. A perfect surprise for your fur baby or a fellow pet parent!

Perfect for: pet parents would like to protect their dogs and cats from ticks and fleas and would like their furbabies to smell clean and green like freshly cut grass!



  • 1 Fetch! Indulge Conditioning Serum with Abyssinian Oil in Zen (150 ml)

Contains bamboo plant essence, which leaves crisp and clean notes inspired by the calm atmosphere of Japanese gardens.

  • 2 Fetch! Neem Shampoo Bar (100 grams) 

A staple in every fur baby's bath kit that helps get rid of ticks, fleas, and bacteria.

  • 1 gift box with "Fur You" sleeve
  • Compostable packing shredded paper to protect items inside the box