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Fetch! No Chew- Anti Chew Bitter Spray

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Puppies are curious animals who can explore the world by chewing on them. Unfortunately, that means ruined shoes, furniture, etc. Our Fetch! No Chew- Anti Chew Bitter Spray contains Caffeine Extract that, when licked by a dog, leaves a yucky, bitter taste but without the actual caffeine! This also contains citrus which leaves a scent on furniture or items that may discourage pets from approaching it.

More Info

  • Non-toxic, paraben-free, DEET-free, and sulfate-free
  • Only contains the bitter taste of coffee but NO CAFFEINE
  • 200mL
  • Keep away from direct sunlight. Store in a cool, dry place.


Deionized Water, Caffeine Extract (Bitter Taste Only), Citrus, Stabilisers.

Directions for Use

Spray on shoes, furniture, other items, or even boo-boos to discourage pets from licking and biting. Use as a supplement to training.