Our Story

Our story started with one simple goal: to find a product that could cure the hot spots of my dog, Khal Drogo.
My Bichon Frise had to live wearing a cone for a year as we tried different products that would heal his inflamed skin. I've tried antibiotics, medicated, and natural shampoos available in the market, but Drogo's hot spots were still recurring.

Fast forward to 2016, my then boyfriend, now husband, brought home a shampoo from a business trip. I tried it and after a few months I noticed that Drogo stopped getting hotspots. I read the ingredients list and that's when I discovered neem.

After research and working together with an expert formulator, I learned that neem is an undervalued tree in the Philippines. In 2017 we launched a Neem Care System using 100% neem aqueous extract. Ever since then, Drogo's hot spots stopped occurring and never got infected again.

The neem extract also made our other dogs' fur soft and tangle-free, prevented them from having ticks and fleas, and helped them eliminate the wet dog smell. This experience inspired us to also explore other local ingredients that are underutilized.
Years later, our small pack now have a bigger goal: to provide natural, effective, and safe products not just for Drogo, but for all family members, highlighting truly Pinoy produce!
With that, I hope you love our natural products as much as we do.

Aside from products that can address skin and hair, we also created home care items such as dish soaps and home cleaners. Really, your support means everything to our team.

Let's go Fetch! something fantastic.