Our Story

Our story started with one simple goal: to find a product that could cure the hot spots of our dog, Khal Drogo.
Our Bichon Frise had to live wearing a cone for a year as we tried different products that would heal his inflamed skin. Antibiotics and medicated shampoos would work, but Drogo's hot spots were still recurring.

Natural products available in the market were not as effective as well. Eager to help Drogo live a normal life again, we started researching and consulting experts in the field. That's when we discovered neem.

After using 100% neem extract to treat Drogo's inflamed skin, his hot spots stopped occurring and never got infected again.

The neem extract also made our four dogs' fur soft and tangle-free, prevented them from having ticks and fleas, and helped them get rid of wet dog smell. This experience inspired us to create a natural pet care system out of pure, 100% neem extract.



Years later, we now have a bigger goal: to provide natural, effective, and safe products not just for Khal Drogo, but for more pets who deserve to live each day with fun!