5 Ways to Keep Your Pet Cool During Summer

Summer may be the perfect time to have fun outdoors with your dog. However, it is also that time of the year where temperatures soar and may be a health hazard to your pet. Here are some tips to make sure you and your furry friend can still enjoy the summer season.

Don't Leave Your Dog in a Car Unattended
Sometimes, you just need to do a quick errand so you leave your dog in the car. Though the windows may be open, the temperature in the car can quickly rise and may cause a heat stroke to your pet. If you need to bring your dog out of the house, best to leave him or her in a doggy daycare.

Water Everywhere
Make water accessible. Leave bowls of fresh water in different parts of your house and if you do go out, always have water and a container with you to give to your pet.

Avoid Walking on Hot Surfaces
Your dog may love to walk and explore the outdoors but best to check the pavement in case it is too hot first before venturing outside the house. Remember, even though the temperature may feel cool, the ground may still be hot to touch and may hurt your pet.

Even though they have fur, the UV rays may still cause damage. Also, there are some breeds that have exposed skin so they definitely need some sunscreen. Check your local pet store or ask your vet for the right sunscreen for your pet.

Proper Shelter
Does your dog prefer staying in the lawn or garden? Or is he too big to stay inside your living room? Make sure you have a proper area that is shaded so he can rest away from direct sunlight.

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