Cat Grooming Tips

Cat Grooming Tips
Every cat owner knows that cats are pretty good at keeping themselves clean. However, once in a while, they do need help, whether it is to clean hard to reach places or the digestive system can’t handle too much fur balls. Here are a few tips to help you when you need to clean up your feline friend.

1. Brushing Habit

Regular brushing can be beneficial since it removes matted hair and dead skin. However, not all cats like grooming sessions. The best way to start is to make it a routine, such as after dinnertime. Start of with a few minutes of brushing per night, and gently comb towards the direction where the fur naturally falls. Cat seems cranky? Stop and try again the next evening. After every session, reward your cat with a treat so he can view grooming sessions as a positive experience.

Find a lot of tangles? Be gentle when brushing. If you are having a difficult time, best to ask your groomer or veterinarian for tips.

2. Bath Time

Cats + Water can be a scary situation for cat owners. Though you don’t have to bathe them as often as other pets, but sometimes, the fur can get dirty or sticky. When giving your cat a bath, we suggest using a spray hose that you can connect to the faucet. Just make sure to keep the nozzle close to the body so your cat won’t get frightened of the sudden splash of water. Of course, try to avoid water from getting in your pet’s nose, ears, and eyes.

3. Nail Clipping

If you need to clip your cat’s nails, the first step is to make your cat comfortable with someone handling his paws. Start by massaging his legs for a few days until he is used to this routine. Once he is used to this, use a high quality clipper to cut the nails. Remember to only cut the translucent white tip, avoiding the quick.

Cats are known to be independent and low maintenance pets. Though they can do a lot of things on their own, a little human intervention will be greatly appreciated and will make them feel extra loved.

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