Entrepreneurship Has Gone to the Dogs! Meet Fetch! Naturals' Petpreneurs

More than just being man’s best friend, pets are family to many Filipinos. However, having a pet is not cheap. Aside from the cost of adopting or purchasing a pet, there are other lifelong needs to consider. Pet food can cost around P1, 000-P3, 000 a month, depending on the brand. Some pets may require grooming, which can be around P500-P1000 a month on top of the shampoo. Vaccines are also required which costs P3, 000-P4, 000 a year. Plus other miscellaneous expenses such as toys and accessories, having a pet can be a bit pricey. However, there are some pets out there that decide to help their humans. Some are Instagram stars while others choose other tasks like being a service dog.

Some though become entrepreneurs through Fetch!’s Petpreneur Program. “Pet care has become increasingly expensive. With this, we are offering existing Fetch! clients who love our products a chance to earn a little extra on the side by becoming Pet Entrepreneurs for Fetch!,” shared Georgianna Carlos, Fetch! Pack Leader.


Drogo the Bichon is Fetch!'s Petpreneur for Makati

Fetch! is a homegrown brand of premium, all natural pet care products. It is especially known for being the first in the country to have a pet care products made out of 100% Neem aqueous Extract, such as shampoos, leave on rinse, and house cleaners. It is also known to be one of the first to have its products FDA registered, making it safe for human use too.

With the Fetch! Petpreneur program, certain pets and their humans become part of the Fetch! pack and are assigned specific areas as official Fetch! resellers. These dogs and their humans then market the products within their area, sell, and sometimes, even deliver.


Petpreneur Yuna is your go-to pupper for natural grooming products in Pampanga

“It’s quite fun to do this during the weekend,” shares Petpreneur owner, Luis Manalili Jr.. “It’s a bonding experience for me and Yuna, and we get to meet new people and fellow pet lovers. Plus, it does bring in extra cash that can cover some expenses like food.” Aside from earning, these Petpreneurs are also making a name for themselves.

Yuna the Golden Retriever, who already has made a name for herself with over 5,000 followers on Facebook, is known to deliver around Pampanga and would even raffle off prizes during Golden Retriever meet ups. Drogo the Bichon on the other hand is known to help sell in the Fetch! booth during Legazpi Sunday Markets, with some people going to the booth just to have photos with him.

Sometimes, the program becomes both a bonding and a life learning experience for owners and pets. Our youngest duo, Althea and Alvin, are learning entrepreneurship at a young age. Not only are they learning about retail and the pet care industry early on, Fetch! is there for Petpreneurs to check on their status and offer support if needed.


Alvin and Althea are bringing Fetch! products to Caloocan

“We do ‘communication checks’ to see how they are doing and ask if they need help or tips when it comes to logistics, marketing, etc. We provide materials to help them and we also promote their own pages in our social media sites. In addition, once they are accepted into the program, we no longer accept a Petpreneur that is from their area, which ensures they become the sole point person or pet in a specific location. Should we have inquiries from that area, we automatically send the client to our Petpreneurs,” shared Carlos.


“This program is not just a win for pets but a win for us as well. Who else would be best to promote the products than the furbabies who use them? It also adds a whole new lever to the experience, as people are eager to meet these Petpreneurs and really compare notes that many pet owners face. Plus, who wouldn’t want to have the chance to see a cute dog deliver shampoo to your doorstep?” said Carlos. Currently, Fetch! is investing in Research and Development. It has recently launched the country’s first no-rinse conditioner for pets made out of Abyssinian Oil. It’s products are available in various retail stores all over the Metro and in provinces through its Petpreneurs.

Meet our current Petpreneurs here.

About Us:
Fetch! is a homegrown brand of premium, all-natural pet care products. We noticed that pet owners are concerned with specific issues regarding their pet’s fur and environment, which is why we created our own complete Natural Pet Care System, the first made out of 100% Neem aqueous Extract as it’s base. In fact, the Neem extraction process and base formulation used in our products won the silver medal at the 25th Salon International des Inventions in Geneva, Switzerland. The Neem Natural Pet Care System includes a shampoo, rinse, and cleaner. The shampoo, shampoo bar, and leave-on rinse have also been registered with the FDA, making it safe for humans too!

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