Exciting Launches, New Challenges: How Fetch! Is Adapting to the New Normal

Hello, pet parents and fur babies! We hope you’ve been doing well despite the challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic. We wanted to give you some updates on how we are dealing with the new normal and what you can expect in the coming months to cheer you up a little in this trying time. We hope you and your fur babies hang in there while we wait for the day we can enjoy each day like we used to!

Fetch! during the COVID-19 pandemic

Like most businesses, Fetch! is still in the process of adjusting to the new normal. Only 50% of our employees can go to work because of limited transportation. With only half of our employees working, we still make sure we practice our proper production safety and hygiene protocols to ensure the safety of our staff. Getting our ingredients together is also more difficult now than before, but keeping our fur babies in mind motivates us to work hard every day! 

The pandemic has definitely posed challenges to businesses like us, but we still want to recognize and share with you our small wins! We were able to launch our Natural Institutional Cleaner with Bioneem right before lockdown. We were also part of the beta launch of GrabMart, where you can shop Fetch! essentials and get them in just a few minutes. Our newest products, Sabone Natural Shampoo Bar and Fetch! Indulge Dark Polish, are also available now on our website!

Aside from new product launches, more people are now part of our Fetch! family. Our new Petpreneurs⁠—Bee the Chow, Sy Cats, and Chachi the Poodle—are ready to serve more pawrents and fur babies in the respective areas!

Lastly, our pack leader, George, was on the cover of Lifestyle Asia’s July 2020 Issue, where she shared how Fetch! is surviving during this time. Check it out when you can!

What’s next for Fetch!

In case you missed it, our Dark Polish Shampoo is now up for grabs! This Dark Polish Shampoo contains two key ingredients⁠—Molasses for enhancing dark-colored coats and hair, and Goji Berry for stimulating melanin formation in each strand. We also added Rosemary to keep coats and hair growing healthily.

Another new product that goes well with our Neem Shampoo is on its way. We believe we all deserve soft, shiny, and silky smooth hair, that’s why we made this product for you. Watch out for more updates on this new baff time must-have!

Search for new Petpreneurs!

Fetch! is not only developing new products for fur babies, but also searching for more Petpreneurs to join our family. We are looking for doggos and kitties in Cebu, Iloilo, CDO, and Alabang/Muntinlupa who would like to be the source of Fetch! products in these areas. Let us know if you know someone who’s interested! 🐾

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