Fetch! Humans: Why an I.T. Consultant & Entrepreneur Prefers Fetch! For His Hair

Mike Jugo is a proud user of Fetch! Naturals

Mike Jugo is a very busy guy. He is active in the local start-up community in our country; an IT Consultant at Bantayog ng mga Bayani and is a Curriculum Advisor of The Coding School. With such a packed schedule, he really doesn’t have time for minor little details such as what color his shirt should be the next day or how to style his hair.
Unfortunately, his hair has not been very cooperative. Mike has very sensitive skin and suffers from a dry and itchy scalp. He has tried known shampoo brands but these didn't work for him, leaving his scalp irritated and hair limp.
It was because of this that he started researching on natural alternatives and learned that a Neem based shampoo would be able to help his condition. However, the only pure Neem shampoo he can find is Fetch! Naturals.
“I was having a dandruff problem and it was frustrating for me since I couldn’t find anything that would work for me,” shared Mike. “What ultimately made me decide to try Fetch! was that it is known to be the only pet brand and shampoo that uses pure Neem extract and that it’s FDA registered as it's formulated to human standards.”
Fetch! Naturals, though new at that time, was making waves online as being the first local pet care brand that uses 100% plant aqueous extract and is formulated to human standards. This is why it became the first local brand with an FDA Registration. Currently, it also has a BAI Registration, has been lab tested by DOST, and is part of this year’s Forbes Asia 30 Under 30.
Desperate for a solution, Mike bought a bottle of Fetch! Naturals Neem Shampoo to try. After a few washes, he noticed how his flakes reduced and his scalp was no longer irritated. Eventually, he no longer had a dandruff problem and his hair had a lot more volume as well, reducing the time he needed to style it.


Fetch! Naturals is now a staple in Mike Jugo's bathroom

“I really appreciate that my hair is ‘wash and wear’ ready. I no longer have to worry about itchiness and flakes. I now buy the larger bottle from PLC (Pet Lovers Centre) in Robinson’s Galleria and Fetch! has become a staple in my bathroom. I also have a few friends who decided to try it themselves and really love it,” shared Mike.
Currently, Fetch! can be found all over the country via organic and pet stores, Fetch! Petpreneurs, and online retailers. The brand is also available in North America via Amazon USA.
To learn more about Fetch! Naturals, visit www.fetchnaturals.com.
To learn more about Mike Jugo’s work as part of The Coding School, visit https://coding.ph/.

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