George and Drogo Invite Us in for an Afternoon of Baking

We like to call it a lucky coincidence how when we went to check in on George Carlos, founder of Fetch! Naturals, we chanced upon the pooch mom and her bichon frise in the middle of preparing for their habitual baking session. “Drogo and I were just about to bake a cake together,” George said, standing over her pup who was inspecting the cake kit. 

“Our home is home to a lot of fur babies, so once in a while [Drogo and I] like to prepare special treats for everyone,” she gushed as we headed toward a simple white counter. “Welcome to our kitchen!” 

📋 Some notes from George before we start

Prep time: 5 minutes
Bake time: 25-30 minutes. We don’t have a microwave! So oven it is. 
Serving size: The cake will be around 15cm (or 5-6 inches) big. Perfect for sharing with many pets (which Drogo doesn’t understand but oh well).

Let’s bake a cake 

Ingredients sniff check.

The cake mix we’re using today includes rice flour, cane sugar, pumpkin, baking powder, and a bit of salt and vegetable oil, while the icing contains tapioca starch, dehydrated yogurt, andvegetable oil.

Step 1

Gather 1 egg, ¾ cup water, and ¼ cup vegetable oil in one bowl and mix well. 

Step 2

Pour batter into a baking container. On the side, mix 2 tablespoons of water into your icing mix.                                 

Step 3

Put the batter in a preheated oven (a toaster oven would work, too!) and bake for 25 minutes. If you don't have an oven, baking via microwave also works. To do so, place inside for 2 minutes.              

Your cake is fully cooked! Yay. Keep it away from your floofer’s nose and wait for it to cool. 

Step 4

Once your cake is nice and cool, it’s time to frost. Add a candle. It’s a birthday cake, after all.  

Step 5

The most important step of all—enjoy! Share it with your pets and your pets’ friends. Every pooch deserves a delicious lick of cake every once in a while. 

Afternoon for two

What’s a pet owner-pooch bonding activity without a heart-to-heart conversation? Fun Q&A incoming, read on Fetch pack!

Q: Where do you get inspiration for Fetch?

A: From everyday life with Drogo! Being Drogo’s hoomama means I get to see the gaps in terms of his care. When we do something, sometimes I go, “I wish there was a product to make this easier,” which leads me to creating the solution. Which is why our catalog is starting to expand in other verticals beyond the usual grooming products (shampoos and conditioners). Think pet dental sprays (doggie mouthwash!) and dry shampoo for extra lazy—I mean, rainy days!

Q: How has Fetch changed since the beginning of the year? 

A: The Fetch! pack has been super busy since we are developing a lot of new products! We will continue to expand our original grooming line, however as part of our core values of being a 100% Filipino brand, we want to keep finding local ingredients to use in our newer product lines.  

In addition to that—I just got married! Living in our new place urged me to reflect on the lifestyle we have, and whether or not our home is as “Drogo-friendly” and “Drogo-ready” as possible. This is why Fetch recently launched pet products related to this theme, such as a bigger refill bottle of our Urine Remover and our No Chew! Anti Chew Bitter Spray. 

Q: Do you and Drogo share the same love language? What are your favorite ways to spend time with him? 

A: We are both definitely food motivated! Which is probably why we enjoy making his treatos together. Aside from that, we both definitely love cuddles.

Q: What is Drogo’s favorite part of baking a cake?  

A: Licking the batter off the bowl and the spoon! Why wait for the cake to bake and cool when the liquid version is right there?! 

Q: If Drogo was a cake, what kind of cake would he be? 

A: Definitely pumpkin. Sweet, and also unique as a cake flavor. 

Q: Give a piece of advice you wish someone had offered you when you were starting out with Fetch.

A: Don’t worry about competitors. Do your own thing and focus on the values your company has. In the end, those unique qualities will make you stand out and that sincerity will attract the right customers. Remember, the pie is always big enough for everyone.

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