How The Rainy Season Can Affect Your Pet's Skin

Dog in the rain
Rainy weather can bring all types of skin problems for dogs
After a long, extremely hot summer, there is nothing like the relief one feels when it finally rains. While the rainy season can bring relief to both humans and animals alike, pet parents should take special care since the change of weather may bring certain skin issues that's a lot more tedious than the infamous "wet dog" smell. Here are some special tips to remember when it starts raining like cats and dogs outside ;)

1. Keep Fur Dry
Damp fur is an ideal incubation area for bacteria and and fungi to spread. After walks or playtime outdoors, make sure to rub down your dog. If your pet needs a bath, we recommend to thoroughly dry your pet, using a blow dry if necessary, especially with long-haired pets.


Dog grooming

2. Keep Paws Clean
Your pets paws are always in contact with all the gross things that's on the ground. To avoid any infections, always clean and dry paws after walks. It will also be good to keep fur short and neat around the area, especially for breeds where the fur grows between and around the "toes."


Fetch! Naturals encourages pet owners to keep pets' paws clean and dry to avoid any fungal infection


3. Keep Ears Dry
Certain breeds, especially dogs with droopy, closed ears, are prone to infections due to moisture and humidity. After walks and baths, make sure that ears are completely dry inside. But be gentle when cleaning since their ears are very sensitive.


Fetch! Naturals encourages pet owners to always keep dogs' ears clean to avoid yeast infections

4. Keep Beds Clean and Dry

You wouldn't want to sleep on a wet bed, right? Same with your pet. Though he or she may end up dirtying it during playtime, it's good to keep beds clean to prevent bacteria growth which may affect your pet.

Fetch Naturals encourages you to keep pet beds clean to avoid bacteria growth which may affect the dog

5. Watch Your Furbaby's Behavior
Is your pet constantly licking and scratching an area? Are certain parts of its body, such as ears or paws, extra smelly? There might be an infection which is making your pet very uncomfortable. Be sure to consult your vet should this happen!


Fetch! Hack: Aside from doing all of these, we also always keep a bottle of our Neem Leave-On Rinse handy. It has been proven to kill bacteria and fungi while gently cleaning and deodorizing pets. It's our natural solution to repel ticks & fleas and to sanitize pets, especially when they refuse to have baths when its cold because of the rain.

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