Make Fur Babies’ Tails Wag With These Resolutions

The start of a new year is a good time to think of how we can become better pet parents to our fur babies. As pet parents, we may still have some things we wish to improve on for the sake of our pets, and we’re here to remind you that it’s okay! We asked some pet owners what promises they hope to keep so they can make their fur babies feel extra loved this year. Here are some of their resolutions to give you ideas, too: 

Grooming pets more often

Guilty of not having your fur babies groomed even though it’s time for them to get a haircut? Pepper’s dog dad, Gil, feels the same way too, so here’s his promise to take better care of his fur baby this year:

Spending more time with pets

Being more present is how Reese’s dog mom, Karen, would like to spend the year with her fur baby. Like other pet parents, she sometimes feels guilty of not spending enough time with her dogs because of her busy work schedule. This year, she hopes to continue playing with them more and paying attention to their needs more. Karen has started fulfilling this resolution last year, and she sees that Reese and her friends are more active, more alert, and happier than before! 

Giving more time to her dogs is also the resolution of Tin, Bailey’s dog mom. She wants to give Bailey and her four other dogs a good quality of life by being a hands-on dog mom. Training her dogs, feeding them, taking them out for a walk, and bathing them well are just some of the things she’s willing to do for her fur babies no matter how busy she is. 

Guiding and training the pets

Helping pets learn new commands and guiding them to do things on their own can be beneficial for both hoomans and our furry friends. Guiding her cats to sleep in their own beds is the resolution of Rosy this year. This means she needs to make sure their beds look like a friendly place. Her lucky cats get to enjoy their beds that are always nice and clean with treats and toys next to them! It’s also one of the ways Rosy can make her stray cats feel more comfortable at home. 

Going on more adventures 

Do you regret not taking your fur babies out too often? It’s time to take your pets to more adventures this year like what Julian plans to do with his Rottweiler, Bonzo! Julian wants to give Bonzo the best adventures as early as he can, so he tries his best to clear his schedule on Sundays. He bought a hammock-style seat cover for the car so he can take Bonzo on trips more easily. 

Got your own list of resolutions? We hope you make your fur babies feel extra loved this year! 

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