Protecting Pets From Ashfall

Ash can be harmful and even fatal to pets. It can be abrasive to their eyes and, when inhaled, can cause respiratory problems. With our pets so low on the ground and always using their noses and paws to explore, it is important to be cautious to keep furbabies safe. Here are some tips:
1. Keep pets inside & clean them immediately
- Sorry, no walks in the meantime! Immediately wipe down or bathe pets to remove any ash particles. Do not let them lick themselves clean.
2. Clean food and water bowls
- Throw away any food and water that may have been exposed. Keep their bowls indoors as well.
- For those with livestock, keep food indoors and consider throwing away feeds that may have been exposed.
3. Watch out for any respiratory problems
- If you pet starts coughing or wheezing, bring them to the vet, ASAP!
4. Cover your fish pond
- Have a fish pond at home? Ash can be harmful to fish as well. Create a make shift tent above the pond (but don't seal off entirely! They need oxygen) to prevent ash from accumulating in the pond.

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