The Perfect Date According to Your Pet’s Love Language

If you are one of the many people who treat their furry BFFs as human equals (dressing pets in boots and tiny clothes, you know, the whole ordeal) then you will be delighted to know that even pets have a love language. Developed by author Gary Chapman, the concept of love languages suggests that there are five definitive ways to give and receive love: physical touch, words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, and acts of service. 

To take your playdates up a notch, let your pet’s love language decide what you’re doing with them this summer. Here, we share date ideas that will make your pet swoon and feel uber loved. Take notes and happy scrolling! 


Physical Touch

Something as simple as watching a movie on the couch together can be a totally fun experience for your pet, especially so if they’re big on snuggles, ear scratches, and good old belly rubs. 

One surefire sign that your pet is a physical touch type of pal or gal is when they sit on you, even when there is a comfy spot right next to you. Bliss! 


Words of Affirmation 

For this, we’re traveling to the local pet park. But this is no ordinary trip; throw your pet’s favorite treats in the carrier and muster up a lot of patience before you head out the door because you’ll be needing those. And of course, don’t forget to bring lots of compliments (“Who’s a good boy/girl?” is always appreciated). 

Most training sessions are structured with a goal and a set amount of time given to that goal, so feel free to make a schedule fit for your pet. Keep these sessions short and sweet, after all the ulti-mutt goal is to make your pet feel loved. Tricks are just a fun bonus on this playdate!


Quality Time

If your pet follows you around to and from every room of the house, then you might just have a velcro pet on your hands (yes, velcro in the most literal sense). It’s OK for quality time pets if you’re busy and doing your own thing, they’re perfectly content just being around you. This is also how you can tell that your pet falls under this love language and not under physical touch. 

Go out for brunch, a beach day, or a picnic in the park. A leisurely time spent outdoors gives you and your pet plenty of time for 1:1 bonding. 


Receiving Gifts

There are few things more challenging than getting the perfect gift for a special someone. Fortunately, your pet is an open book. Anything that’s shiny and new is sure to please your material pooch. Try surprising them with chewy treats, some puzzles, or a new bandana and see which one strikes their interest. 


Acts of Service

Any trip to the spa is good for the soul, and the same goes for your pooch. Give a nice brush or a relaxing bath to truly pamper your pet. It’s an efficient date option, too—one less to-do during the week! 

But I’m a cool mom, not a regular mom, you say. Good news: pawdicures are a thing, and you can even match nail colors and designs with your pet. Just be sure to select a pet-safe polish or nail clips as human nail polish can be toxic for pets if licked or ingested. 

Now go and learn your furry best friend’s love language if you haven’t yet, so that when summer finally rolls around you’ll have plenty of pawfect date options to choose from.



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