Tips to Take Care of Pets During Rainy Season

There have been nonstop rains the past few weeks and this rainy season may bring about changes to your pet’s daily activities. This is also a time where pet parents have to be extra careful about their fur babies’s health and hygiene. To help pet parents take care of their pups this season, we listed some tips you can use while staying safe and dry with your fur babies at home!

Calm dogs during thunderstorms

Frequent thunderstorms during the rainy season can make dogs feel anxious, so learning how to calm them down is a good skill to have for pet parents. Daphne Sashin, writer at WebMD, lists down ways to help your dogs when they are afraid of thunder. First, provide them a place where they can feel safe when thunderstorms happen. That might be a place where they can’t see or hear what’s happening outside like a bathroom or basement. Another way to help dogs is trying a snug-fitting garment. Anxiety vests apply a gentle pressure on dogs and give “a calming effect similar to swaddling a baby.”

Keep their fur dry

Before and after going out for a walk, make sure to dry your pet’s fur to avoid the buildup of fungi and bacteria. Giving your pet a rubdown with a towel or drying with a blower when your fur baby gets wet is a good practice to avoid damp fur. Make sure their fur is safe from ticks and fleas by using anti-tick shampoos or sprays. When giving them a bath is extra challenging because of the constant rains, you can also try using the Fetch! Dry Shampoo to remove dirt and excess oils without giving them a full bath! 

Keep your pets active indoors

Constant rainfall this season may prevent your pups from taking a walk outside or playing in the park, but keeping them active inside the house is still important. Make sure they get regular exercise by allowing them to run around the house or play fetch. You can also try running up and down the stairs with your pets to keep them moving and avoid feeling lethargic during the rainy season. 

We hope you and your fur babies stay dry and safe this rainy season! 




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